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Whereas FBS has given the name "flexmls Web®" to our online MLS system that members access from their desktop or notebook (laptop) computers via a web browser, FBS has given the name "flexmls Mobile®" to our mobile version of the same MLS system. Not to be intimidated by flexmls Mobile®, both flexmls Web® and flexmls Mobile® are simply online interfaces (websites) that allow MLS members to access our MLS system.  We have been using flexmls Web® since March 2006.  flexmls Mobile® came to us several years later, providing a platform designed for mobile devices, taking advantage of mobile technologies such as GPS.  Unlike a smartphone app that must be downloaded and installed, flexmls Mobile® is merely a website that members can bookmark (add to favorites) in their mobile web browser.

Member's may access flexmls Mobile® by entering the following URL into the browser on their mobile device:  


flexmls Mobile® is made available at no additional cost (free) to all members who have access to flexmls Web®. Members access flexmls Mobile® using the same username and password that is used to access flexmls Web®. A member cannot be logged into flexmls Web® and flexmls Mobile® at the same time; the second login will kick out the first. flexmls Mobile® is the MLS system, and should not be mistaken for IDX or a service to the public.