Nine Steps to Safety Print

Every day, REALTORS put themselves at risk by welcoming complete strangers into a home or getting into a car alone with someone they just met. It is critical that REALTORS follow the basic tenets of personal, professional and client safety. Review your safety routine and take advantage of the following tips provided by NAR.

Tip #1 Keep in touch: Always let someone know where you are going; leave the name and phone number of the client you are meeting and schedule a time for your office to call you to check in.

Tip #2 “After you…”: When showing a home, always have your prospect walk in front of you. Don’t lead them, but rather, direct them from a position slightly behind them. You can gesture for them to go ahead of you.

Tip #3 Check cell phone reception: Check in advance to be sure your phone is serviceable in the area in which you are showing the property. Remote locations or some commercial buildings with thick walls may interfere with cell phone reception.

Tip #4 Nix the glamour shots: All of your marketing materials should be polished and professional. Don’t use alluring or provocative photos in ads, on the Web or on your business cards.

Tip #5 Help clients safeguard their valuables: Remind sellers that strangers will be walking through their home. Tell them to put any valuables in a secure hiding place, including prescription drugs.

Tip #6 Too much information: When talking to clients and prospects, be friendly but still keep your personal information private. This means avoiding mention of where you live, your after-work or vacation plans etc.

Tip #7 Plan your escape routes: Upon entering an open house for the first time, check each room and determine at least two “escape” routes. Make sure all deadbolt locks are unlocked for easy access to the outside.

Tip #8 A new use for business cards: When arriving at an open house, place one of your business cards, with the date and time written on the back, in a kitchen cabinet. Note on it if you were the first to arrive or if clients were waiting.

Tip #9 Park smart: When showing property or meeting someone, park your car in front of the property rather than in the driveway. You will avoid having your car blocked in, so you’ll have an easier time escaping to your vehicle.