REALTOR Safety Print

NAR continues to promote REALTOR safety, a topic that is always important to busy REALTORS (and to non-REALTORS as well!).  Here are more safety tips, courtesy of NAR - and RVAR - in our pledge to keeping you safe in your everyday business.

3 Things to Carry with You:

·         Cell phone (just about everyone knows that!).

·         Wallet, keys and other valuables in an inside pocket rather than (ladies) in a visible purse.

·         Carry credit cards and checks instead of cash. Carry only the cards you’ll be using.

4 Things to Leave at Home:

·         A purse, ladies. If you can’t do without a purse, carry a shoulder bag between your arm and body.

·         Sophisticated electronic equipment.

·         Large amounts of money.

·         Expensive jewelry or other unnecessary valuables.

Safeguard Your Computer:

·         Don’t get caught by “phishing”. Don’t reply to emails or questions about your passwords. Follow these rules particularly if you have not initiated the contact.

·         Use passwords with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Update your security and virus protection regularly. Don’t click on links or pop-up windows and don’t download any file from an e-mail address you don’t know.

·         Check your credit reports frequently to keep tabs on the possibility of identity theft.

Safe Steps for Meeting a New Client:

·         Request that the client stop by your office and complete a Prospect Identification Form, preferably in the presence of another associate.

·         Introduce the prospect to someone in your office. That way, the person could be easily identified by someone else if something should happen to you.

·         Discreetly obtain the make, model and license number of the client’s or prospect’s car.


Following these tips could guard your safety and maybe even your life. Better be safe than sorry. NAR (and RVAR) are looking out for you!

Portions of these items are selected from articles appearing on and in no way reflect the authorship of RVAR.

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