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Lead Safe Rules Effective April 22, 2010 Print
Effective April 22nd, new lead safe rules apply to renovations, repairs and painting, performed for compensation, on residential properties built before 1978 or facilities regularly occupied by children. The new rules require renovation, repair and painting contractors to be certified and to use specific lead safe work practices to minimize the generation of lead paint dust.

The new rules apply when the renovation, repairs and/or painting:

  1. Disturbs more than 6 square feet of an interior painted surface OR
  2. Disturbs more than 20 square feet of an exterior painted surface OR
  3. Replaces any windows or performs any demolition.

Failure to comply with the new lead safe rules, beginning April 22nd, could result in penalties of up to $37,500 per day per violation.

ALL REALTORS should become familiar with the new lead safe rules – whether you own or manage rental property – buy and renovate property for resale – or make contractor recommendations for your buyers and sellers.

Detailed information – including exemptions – is available at the EPA's website.

NAR has prepared 4 brief educational videos: