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Bedford County * / Parcel Lookup Only

Botetourt County

Floyd County

Franklin County

Montgomery County


Roanoke City

Roanoke County *(see special note below)


* Requires I.E. Browser


Special Note:  Roanoke County's new GIS site was designed to work with I.E. 7, but will work with I.E. 8 once you make a one-time browser adjustment.  In I.E. 8, once you go to the Roanoke County's GIS site, tell your browser to switch to the "Compatibility View".  I.E. 8 will remember this requirement and automatically switch to the Compatibility View for Roanoke County's GIS site when you return to the site in the future.  Once in the Compatibility View, all the features for parcel lookup will work fine.  See the image below, and note the Compatibility View tool icon to the right of the address bar. 
 I.E. 8 Compatibility View