Check Your CE Credits Print

Continuing Education ● Post Licensure

RVAR receives many requests for assistance in determining Continuing Education or Post Licensure credit status. It is wise for all agents to check their license periodically, to ensure that education credits are posted properly. Without the required education credits, a real estate license cannot be renewed.

Simply go to the Department of Professional & Occupational Regulations (DPOR) site (click here) and find the license lookup link. Enter your name or license number (be sure to check the box for “real estate individual”). Once your license comes up, click on the link at the bottom of your license, “View Continuing Education Hours”. The next screen displays your hours, explains how many hours are required in what areas, and provides a link for to view post licensure hours. (NOTE: No post licensure credits will show up until a mandatory course is taken in one of the three tracks.)

Reminder: Continuing Education and Post Licensure credits may not appear on the DPOR website for a minimum of 3-4 weeks following the course taken.