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NAR Releases 2009 Member Profile Print

Over a million REALTORS nationwide – each trying to stand out from the crowd. The National Association of REALTORS surveys its members annually, to create a Member Profile. How do you compare to today’s ‘norm’?

Typical Member: The typical member is a 54 year old white female who attended college, is married and a homeowner. Sixty percent of all REALTORS are female; 72 percent are married. The typical member also has 10 years of real estate experience.

Business: The typical member worked 40 hours per week last year. Appraisal specialists had the highest median hours worked at 50 hours per week, followed by managers with 45 hours per week. The median gross income of REALTORS fell 14 percent to $36,700 in 2008, a rate consistent with the decline in prices and transaction volume last year. The typical member is affiliated with an independent, non-franchised firm with 23 agents. Seventy-two percent of members maintain a home office. The typical REALTOR reported business expenses of $5810 in 2008. Approximately 40 percent of REALTORS completed at least one transaction last year involving a property in foreclosure. Thirty-nine percent of REALTORS reported having generated some business from holding an open house.

Education: Ninety-two percent of REALTORS surveyed have some post-secondary education, with 28 percent having completed a bachelor’s degree. Twelve percent had obtained a graduate degree.

Designations: Over one third of members hold at least one professional designation. The most popular designations are GRI (Graduate, REALTOR Institute) held by 20 percent; ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) held by 13 percent; ePro held by 12 percent and CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) held by 10%.

Technology: Three-fifths of REALTORS reported having a web site, with an annual median expense of $240 to maintain the site. The typical REALTOR with a web site reported a median of four real estate related customer inquiries. REALTORS who spent over $1000 on maintaining their web sites reported a median of 14 customer inquiries last year.

Only 7 percent of members have their own blog for use in their business; 35 percent of REALTORS use social networking web sites. Technologies on the decline in daily use include regular (not smart) cell phones and PDA/handhelds without phone capabilities. Technologies on the rise include smart phones, Instant Messaging and GPS.

Politics: REALTORS are active in the political process. Ninety-six percent are registered to vote; 94 percent voted in the last national election.

The complete 84-page 2009 NAR Member Profile may be downloaded for free.