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Login to do the following: (1) Register for an event, (2) Change your password, (3) Non-members may edit their account.

If you are an RVAR REALTOR or Affiliate member, you already have an account. See the Login Instructions below:

  • Your username is the email address on file at RVAR.
  • RVAR REALTOR members: Your password is your 9-digit NRDS# (Lookup Your NRDS#).
    Note: Some NRDS#s begin with a leading zero. The NRDS# lookup tool (see the link above) drops the leading zero.
    Please remember to include the leading zero in your password. Example: 89212345 would be 089212345
  • Affiliate member: Your password is the first letter of your first name and the first three letters of your last name (lowercase).
  • Once you login, you may change your password if you desire.

If you are a non-RVAR member without an account, and you need to register for an event, you may create an account now.

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